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Jeff Morgan
Culture Innovation Internship

ALCMY™ Intern Diaries – A quick look at React.Js

Since joining ALCMY I’ve been wrestling with the React library and it has prompted me to let you in on…

Creativity Culture Innovation Internship

ALCMY™ Intern Diaries – A newbie’s first week at ALCMY™

Who are you? Hey, my name is Menilek and I’m a competitive grappler, aspiring vegan, bookworm and now a newbie…

Customer Experience Marketing

What can Black Panther teach us about Customer Experience?

In the last few months, I’ve seen the excitement, emotion and joy in my friends, family and colleagues surrounding Ryan…

Customer Experience Innovation

5G fuelling the next Customer Experience revolution

We are fast approaching the dawn of a new digital age where humans and machines will be constantly connected. Businesses…

Agile Events Product User Experience

ALCMY™ Sessions: Stories About Stories

User stories is a great tool to foster learning and collaboration in software development teams. However, it’s not particularly easy…

Customer Experience Marketing

Tracking the emotion of your customers through wearable technology

A few times over the last month I’ve been asked; “What is the next technology that will revolutionise customer experience?”…

Customer Experience Marketing

Choose one: great customer experience or brilliant marketing?

Why there doesn’t have to be a choice between a great customer experience and brilliant marketing. The customer experience and…

Advertising Marketing

Marketing Automation – why you can’t automate bad marketing

Don’t believe the marketing automation hype. Brands and marketers are falling over themselves trying to automate their marketing, there’s a…