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Marketing Automation – why you can’t automate bad marketing

Don’t believe the marketing automation hype. Brands and marketers are falling over themselves trying to automate their marketing, there’s a…

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The War on AdBlock is Alienating Millennial Audiences

The internet is at war. On one side, the major ad networks and the content houses that rely on ad…

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It’s Time to Stop Treating Millennials Like Aliens

Not a week goes by without another mass media news story about how those wacky millennials are just so different…

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Incentivised Ads: We’ll Take Your Money, But Not Your Message

The latest development in the Adblock War sees a British mobile carrier bribing customers to view ads with financial incentives….

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Pokémon Go Isn’t Just a Fad – It’s A Paradigm Shift

Marketers of the future will remember July 2016 as the month the world changed; it’s the month Augmented Reality went…

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The EU Referendum Has a Millennial Marketing Problem

So far the EU debate has been dominated by older voices, and neither Leave nor Remain seem to know how…